Tuesday, May 27, 2008

“All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions.” - Leonardo da Vinci

So, I've decided to re-start blogging.

"You mean you used to blog?!"

Actually yes, a few years ago, for a brief moment after graduation.

But it was poorly conceived, I was feeling vulnerable, major life changes were about to happen at that time, and I needed an outlet.

Come to think of it, I have no idea what happened to that faintly confessional blog that probably makes me cringe to read about it. With any luck, no traces of it remain on the web.

I have writer's cringe syndrome: I cringe everytime I read something personal I wrote a while back. Sometimes, this applies to opinion pieces published on the web as well.

This blog is going to be different from the previous one I started. It'll deal mainly with my thoughts on subjects important to me, and less so (or not at all) on personal issues.

It's a blog mainly for my own record. As a side-effect of writer's cringe syndrome, sometimes I experience an epiphany when I re-read something I wrote a while back. As in, "what was I thinking...idiot!".

So it helps to chart the evolution of my thoughts as time and knowledge progresses.

Hence, this blog is mainly written by me, for me, though naturally, since this is a blog, I'm expecting other people to read it as well and perhaps leave a few thoughts of their own. Otherwise I would just keep a diary.

It's going to be mainly text, with few pictures. Why? Because I'm lazy, that's why. The style may be lacking in detail, but that's because I keep most of what I know in my head and it's too painful to type it all out. Requests for more detail *may* be entertained. Links and tags should be plentiful.

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