Saturday, July 5, 2008

Book Bundles: Giving Notice and The Meritocracy Myth

In a previous post, I mentioned that I had a book bundle for further reading on income inequality and social mobility.

Today's book bundle is Giving Notice (2-stars) and The Meritocracy Myth (3-stars).

I mentioned The Meritocracy Myth in that previous post. I won't summarize the material in the books as there is an excellent article by the authors here.

Giving Notice is a 2-star book in my opinion as the book's treatment of the subject of diversity in the workplace is geared more towards senior managers at companies, human resource professionals and other makers of hiring decisions. It does not make easy or casual reading and its audience is far narrower than The Meritocracy Myth.

However, Giving Notice gives a good overview of the problems associated with diversity in the workplace, the tokenism that many companies adopt in place of true support of diversity, and the possible promises and pitfalls of striving for a more even, equal working environment in companies. Certainly, it is a book worth reading by its target audience.

Giving Notice hence gives a practical context for the problems illuminated in The Meritocracy Myth, and points the way to making the corporate environment more friendly to those who are not necessarily cut from the same cloth as present-day decision-makers. It however, does not focus on the social realities or implications of meritocracy and the lack of diversity in today's society.

Ratings System

2-stars: Casual reading only, or interesting but not easily readable, or important but narrow interest material.

3-stars: Interesting, readable and ideas of some importance.

4-stars: Interesting, highly readable, and ideas of considerable importance.

5-stars: Interesting, highly readable, important material of high relevance to most people.

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