Saturday, August 16, 2008

Running Routes: Buona Vista to the Chinese Garden

I have a previous post on the Buona Vista Loop.

There was one point in that post where I mentioned that it is possible to deviate from the Buona Vista Loop to reach Jurong East and the Chinese Garden.

This post will discuss exactly that.

From the massive overhead bridge across the PIE on the Jurong East side, there will be a sign indicating where the two ends of the adjoining park connector lead to.

The park connector end that connects to the AYE (2.1 km) and from thence to Buona Vista MRT Station (an additional 4.5 km) has been discussed in a previous post.

The other end of the park connector leads to Jurong West (5.5 km).

The park connector basically runs south beneath the North-South MRT line to near Jurong East MRT Station.

The connector will then deviate from the MRT line and go along Jurong Town Hall road, where you will eventually cross an overhead bridge and continue on to the Chinese Garden.

The connector will pass the rear entrance of the Chinese Garden (just opposite the Chinese Garden MRT Station).

From here, you may continue running along the park connector which will join up with the Jurong Park Connector. Along the way, the connector will be interrupted by construction work on the dredging works of Jurong Lake and several roads. The end-point is near Jurong Bird Park.

A more pleasant alternative (which I usually choose) is to run within the Chinese Garden (open 6:00am to 7:00pm).


Bear in mind that these sections of the park connector are interrupted by roads and traffic junctions. It may not be immediately obvious where the connector picks up again until after you have crossed the road. Refer to the maps at the nparks website if unclear.

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