Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The art of the subtle insult

This is a follow-on from a previous rant post. You can go back and read it to add color to this post, but I wouldn't recommend it. I re-read what I wrote and even I found it too rambling. But I digress.

Anyways, the abbreviated background to this post is that I was, and still am, quite miffed at someone I had to deal with in the course of work. Not a co-worker btw. Unfortunately for me, I still have to continue interacting with this odiousoid on a continuing basis.

Which brings us to today's post. How do you react when you get an email containing an important attachment which had to be forwarded to you by your boss because the sender, this irritant, "forgot" your name despite just having the corresponding discussion the previous afternoon? And it says so right there in the email, this questionable claim of "not [being] sure of his [my] full name" and asking my boss to resend the mail.

Did I mention that this is the third meeting between us? Or that there have been countless emails between our two offices prior to this meeting? You know, the kind with thousands of names on the CC list (including mine) and it being a simple matter of plucking the relevant email address from the CC field. 

Oh, and there was one person (my co-worker) who was there meeting the email sender for the very first time too. Said sender may have had Sudden Onset Alzheimer's when recalling my name, but had no problems remembering my co-worker's name though.


I sooo need to master the art of the subtle insult asap. Something obvious enough to grate, but subtle enough not to be called on it. If nothing else, I'll get some moral satisfaction out of it. Perhaps this is a heaven-sent opportunity for me to hone those valuable office skills that all those fluffy soft skill courses always neglect to teach. 

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