Friday, November 14, 2008


I have added the new Reactions page element to my blog.

This gives readers the option of leaving one-click feedback instead of wordier comments. It's one more way for me to get some idea of what people are interested in reading. Not that I would 'play to the gallery', but it's nice to know if what I write is appreciated.  

And in case you're wondering who reads this blog, here's some information courtesy of Google Analytics:

This blog has got a very light but increasing readership of perhaps 25 regular readers (ignoring the effect of ad filtering mechanisms that block web analytics software), with numbers spiking considerably whenever I blog on something topical e.g. the Minibonds fiasco.

Most visitors are naturally from Singapore, but a surprisingly large number are based in London and the USA. I can only surmise that these are overseas Singaporeans. Other visitors come from all over (I had a visitor from Lesotho, go figure), but they typically do not linger, bouncing away after just a few seconds.

If the sample of visitors to my blog is any indicator, Firefox is becoming almost as popular as IE these days. Safari, Opera and Chrome account for only a tiny sliver of visitors.

And contrary to what you might think, of the people who read my blog, I know only a few people personally. I know this because the URL to my blog can be found in only one place that is linked to me personally, and that is my Facebook page (which I have configured to have strong privacy settings). Only a tiny number of referrals to my blog come from Facebook. 

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